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The government in Indonesia moves closer to laws banning sex outside marriage. Story. Unclear yet what the penalties will be, such as fines and/or jail time. A further vote on the extramarital sex bill has been postponed. Story. As protest marches have been mounted, story. The proposed laws are expected to apply to foreign tourists as well (story), which has raised concern about visits to popular destinations such as Bali. The religion of the population
Mainstream reports and articles involving any news about space, and possible uncertainties in space, are all part of a building momentum for one of the next major piece of legislation that elites want pushed through Congress (U.S. Space Force). For example, the U.S. Navy accidentally leaked a video (here) about UFOs. And, in addition to letting you know they accidentally released the video (never should have been released you know, story), you should also know that
Here we go again? If you don’t put in a Harvard or MIT-educated globalist as the leader of your country, the bankers will find other ways to make sure you want to. After Venezuela faced black-outs. Think about this, literally cutting off people’s power. That’s the length bankers in Europe and New York City are willing to go. They. Don’t. Care. What they want is a TOTAL global financial system. Every. Single. Country. Every leader.
You can save yourself a lot of stress. And a lot of time from watching election coverage by coming to the obvious realization that a woman will win the 2020 election for U.S. President. The time has come. All the writing is on the wall for this. And, we have such a high degree of corporate/central bank control over our economy and government that much of the news is pre-scripted. The name of Nikki Haley
The U.S.A. has become a nation of monopolies. Want to buy a ticket to an upcoming event? Ticketmaster. Put that $20 ticket in your shopping cart. And then, ‘Voila!,’ $13.50 worth of additional fees. The price nearly doubled by Ticketmaster! More on outrageous ticket fees here. Need to search something on the internet? That would be Google. Operating system for your computer? That’s Microsoft. And they have Excel and Word for you. Microsoft tried venturing
Revisiting this topic (previous article posted in January here). For a couple of reasons. For one thing, it seems to be on a lot of people’s minds. Lots of social media activity. Facebook posts and LinkedIn sharing articles of companies and news, particularly for getting rid of plastics. Plastic use is attracting wide-spread attention, from our biggest oceans (story) all the way down to what is the best way to deal with dog poop (story)!
A powerful and stunning look into the future of what drone technology already is, and could be, capable of. Raffaello D’Andrea, of Amazon Robotics, discusses and demonstrates the “dazzling flying machines of the future” in the video here: .
Make that 0.38 seconds! Less than 1 second. How is that possible? Fortunately, the video here slows the speed you can watch it happen down to 0.03x. Link. An MIT-developed computer robot can a) make decisions that fast?, that are b) the right decisions?, and c) all the correct movements that fast? It seems maybe what they did is used webcams to feed the images into a computer. Then, before the machine starts to physically
200 perfect sushi rolls every hour. No surprise that a Japanese company, um, rolled out this invention, more here (including video). And other robots, like good-ole Flippy here, serving up burgers. Still others making 120 pizzas an hour, Delivered by drone! Story. Or, delivered on the ground. here. Combine this with a monthly Universal Basic Income (UBI) payment and no one will have to go anywhere! Although… wait… where will the ingredients come from? And
Two scenarios. Neither really positive. The report is out. Trump claims victory. Overall, this story surely is not over so easily? Right? It’s too good a story to just end like that. This is a media story that has been going on for a long time with tons of plot twists. It’s like CNN’s soap opera. It’s like a Harry Potter book. It’s like a bag of potato chips. It’s Hollywood manufactured drama. So… what


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