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After Ferris Mueller’s Day Off; what’s next for Trump

Two scenarios. Neither really positive. The report is out. Trump claims victory. Overall, this story surely is not over so easily? Right? It’s too good a story to just end like that. This is a media story that has been going on for a long time with tons of plot twists. It’s like CNN’s soap opera. It’s like a Harry Potter book. It’s like a bag of potato chips. It’s Hollywood manufactured drama.

So… what happens now? Either, say, 1) there is some other bigger shee-it that’s about to go down geopolitically that the U.S. will need to be involved in. This scenario is like ‘temporarily wrap the Mueller thing up and take it out of the headlines; while keeping it alive on a back burner to return later. In other words, perhaps war or some major big event is coming up. The other scenario is 2) more shoes to drop soon. Like Bush claiming victory on the aircraft carrier. In just days, someone discovers, say, page 743 of the report with some darn interesting new revelation that actually Trump really is guilty of something. And then the circus is back on. Except now even more people sucked in for the ‘next book in the series, so-to-speak. The point in the Mueller probe is a thing to control Trump and keep Trump in the globalist fold. Always keeping his feet to the fire. One headline away from a swift removal from office if he doesn’t keep the main money flowing the way it’s supposed to. In other words, if he really finds the drain to the DC swamp and undoes the plug, bam, the ‘page 743’ thing pops up.

All of this brought to you by the same folks that have wanted to bring Trump down from the get go. The GOP establishment and their equal pairs in the Democratic Party. All, including Trump, just your current puppets created and brought to you by globalist bankers. So whatever comes next? It might turn out to be unbelievable if they made a movie about it. CNN might be scratching its head (as here) right now for its fans. But, yeah right, you think a movie as ‘good’ as this obvious Hollywood manufactured Mueller soap opera just ends like this? Not a chance.


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